Comprehensive Dentistry

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  • Professor                DDS,PhD,  KAWANO, Fumiaki
  • Lecturer                 DDS,PhD,  OKA, Kenji
  • Assistant Professor  DDS,PhD,  SUGAWARA, Chieko
  • Assistant Professor  DDS,PhD,  SHINOHARA, Chihiro
  • Assistant Professor  DDS,PhD,  ABE, Susumu
  • Assistant Professor  DDS,PhD,  KIMURA, Tomoko
  • Assistant Professor  DDS,PhD,  NOGUCHI, Naoto
  • Regident                 DDS,PhD,  MURAKAMI, Ayu
  • Regident                 DDS,         OKAWA, Toshinori
  • Regident                 DDS,         HORIKAWA, Eriko
  • Technical Official                     MORI, Akemi



Our department has been educating medical ethics and medical interview to the undergraduate student. It also has educational training of post-graduate dentist.


Research Projects

  1. A Basic Study on Pressure Distribution of Supporting Structures under Complete Denture
  2. Clinical Evaluation of immediate loaded implants
  3. Development of displacement measurement system of the teeth that can be measured easily in the clinic
  4. Development of non-contact three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus


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