Dental Anesthesiology

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  • Professor : Hiroshi KITAHATA
  • Associate Professor : Shigemasa TOMIOKA
  • Assistant Professor : Satoru EGUCHI
  • Assistant Professor : Kazumi TAKAISHI
  • Medical Staff: Ryo OTUSKA
  • Medical Staff: Tomohiro AOYAMA




Research Projects

    Anesthetics cause various biological effects by acting on diverse membrane proteins. We are investigating the effects of local and volatile anesthetics on the function of membrane proteins by using the cultured cardiomyocytes of neonatal rat. Our current projects are as follows: 1) Perioperative cardioprotection by heat shock protein and anesthetic-induced pre-/postconditioning, 2) The effects of intravenous anesthetics on the release of vascular endothelial growth factor and the angiogenesis, 3) The reductive mobilization of iron and the effects of local anesthetics on oxidative stress. We also perform the study of dynamic index that can predict hemodynamic changes using stroke volume variation or pleth variability index.


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