Preventive Dentistry

The aim of our research is to contribute not only to prevention of dental diseases, but also to improvement of quality of life (QOL) of people, through a better understanding of the relationship between the systemic health and dental/oral conditions. We are working on the following subjects concerning health promotion of people and the societies, including epidemiology (see “Research Projects” below).




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Welcome to our study groups (Monday and Tuesday, 17:00~)



  • ITO, Hiro-O, Professor
  • TAMAKI, Naofumi, Associate Professor
  • MASUDA, Kaname, Assistant Professor
  • AKIZUKI, Tamiko, Technical Official



Under graduate students:

1st grade: The Health of Oral Cavity (in part)

3rd grade:



Preventive Dentistry (A)

Public Health Promotion

Research Training for Preventive Dentistry

4th grade:



Preventive Dentistry (B)

Practice for Preventive Dentistry and Public Health Research

Practice for Epidemiology

5th grade:


Social Dentistry (in part)

Gerodontology (in part)

6th grade: 6th grade: Clinical Practice (in part)


Graduate course:

Research Discussion (Monday 17:00), Flexible Seminar (Technical and applied biosciences and epidemiology, Tuesday 17:00)


Research Projects

  1. Secretary antibodies, cytokines, enzymes, other proteinous and non-proteinaceous bioactive substances in the saliva intended for application to diagnostic markers.
  2. Oxidative stress control for promotion of periodontal and systemic health.
  3. Anti-phosphorylcholine antibody, a natural autoantibody as a potent preventive factor against atherosclerosis and pneumococcal infection; regulatory mechanism for production and its “raison d’être”.
  4. Mucosal immune response and tolerance for improvement of mucosal vaccines.


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