Molecular Oral Physiology

The Department of Molecular Oral Physiology is conducting the research and education of postgraduate and undergraduate students under the direction/support by 5 staff members (4 faculties and 1 technical officials). In the laboratory, we have 3-4 graduate students and 1-2 visiting research fellows joining our group. The laboratory is international as many of research fellows/students are from abroad. Members work friendly and each person conducts his/her projects in cooperation with others. The properly functioning salivary gland (in terms of secretory activity) and an effective defense system in the oral cavity are important for maintenance of oral health. We are conducting the following projects under this concept.


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  • Kazuo Hosoi, Professor
  • Tetsuya Akamatsu, Assistant Professor
  • Chenjuan Yao, Research Associate
  • Takahiro Hasegawa, Research Associate
  • Shinsuke Matsuo, Technical Official
  • Nunuk Purwanti, Graduate Student
  • Mileva Karabasil, Graduate Student
  • Ahmad Azlina, Graduate Student



  • 1.Undergraduate Course
    1st grade, Winter Semester: "Basic Biology" Hosoi, Akamatsu, Yao, and Hasegawa.
    1st grade, Winter Semester: "Introduction to Dentistry - The salivary gland, its structure, development, and bioactive substances" Hosoi.
    2nd grade, Winter Semester: "Physiology AB" Hosoi, Akamatsu, Yao, Hasegawa, and Guest lecturer.
    3rd grade, Summer Semester: "Physiology CD" Hosoi, Akamatsu, Yao, Hasegawa, and Guest lecturer.
    3rd grade, Summer Semester: "Physiology Laboratory Exercise" Hosoi, Akamatsu, Yao, and Hasegawa.
    3rd grade, Winter Semester: "Laboratory Exercise-Advanced Course"Hosoi, Akamatsu, Yao, and Hasegawa.
  • 2.Postgraduate Course
    Research, Journal club (1 time/month), Conference (1 time/month).


Research Projects

  • 1.Molecular Mechanism of Expression and Regulation of Water Channel Aquaporins in the Exocrine Glands
  • 2.Induction of Inflammation Cytokines in the Salivary Gland and the Defense System of Oral Cavity
  • 3.Molecular mechanism of salivary gland development and differentiation- Toward the regenerative medicine-


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