Oral Microbiology

Our department is studying bacterial pathogenic factors, such as biofilm formation, and trying to develop preventive methods of infectious diseases.


Tel: +81-88-633-7330

Fax: +81-88-633-7390


  • Yoichiro Miyake  Professor
  • Katsuhiko Hirota  Associate Professor
  • Ken Nomoto  Assistant Professor
  • Keiji Murakami  Assistant Professor
  • Naomi Shinohara  Technical Official



  • Under graduate students
    1st grade : Introduction of Dentistry
    1st grade : Basic Biology D2
    2nd grade : Medical Microbiology AB
    3rd grade: Medical Microbiology CD
    3rd grade: Laboratory Training of Medical Microbiology
    3rd grade : Basic Research Seminar


  • Graduate students
    Oral Microbiology (Lecture, Seminar and Laboratory Training)


Research Projects

  1. Pathogenicity of streptococci
  2. Stress response and antibiotic tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  3. Development of bacteria-repellent materials
  4. Oral care of the elderly
  5. Probiotics


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