Biomaterials and Bioengineering

Research and development of bio-medical materials for use in oral cavity and human body have been carried out in our department. The investigations(see “Research Projects”) concerning about from basic materials science to production of prototype are in progress to improve the material properties, append new functions to current materials and create a new material.


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  • Kenichi HAMADA, Professor
  • Kazumitsu SEKINE, Lecturer
  • Emi TAKEGAWA (UYAMA), Assistant Professor
  • Eriko KAGI, Technical Specialist
  • Yeeun KIM, Graduate Student
  • Kengo ISAKA, Graduate Student



Programs for DDS course students are “Introduction of dental and medical biomaterials”, “Materials science”, “Strength of materials”, and “Clinical dental materials including metal, polymer and ceramic”. These programs are developing basic science and engineering that can be used to formulate advanced composite materials in dental and medical clinics. Subjects of course work for PhD degree are “Biomaterials for hard tissue replacement”.


Research Projects

  1. Smart dental cement debonding on demand.
  2. MRI-compatible non-magnetic biomedical alloys.
  3. Self setting calcium-phosphate bone cement indicating high strength.
  4. Structural modification and surface modification for activating cellular function.
  5. Surface treatment to improve the bone-conductivity of titanium.


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