Oral and Maxillofacial Anatomy

We teach human anatomy which is among the most basic science for understanding human body in the field of medical and dental education. Then, the education is started from understanding systematically basic structure of human body and followed by understanding the relationship between the structure and the function of organs, and the correlation among surrounding organs. Still more, the final purposes to understand totally the structure of human body.

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  • Seiichiro Kitamura, Professor
  • Kikuji Yamashita, Associate Professor
  • Kaori Sumida, Assistant Professor
  • Shinichiro Seki, Assistant Professor
  • Eiko Sasaki, Technical Official



  • 1.For undergraduate students
    1st grade, Summer Semester:Basic Biology (Kitamura and Yamashita).
    1st grade, Winter Semester: Introduction to Dentistry (Kitamura) "The structures of oral region."
    2nd grade, Winter Semester: Anatomy (1) A, B (Kitamura, Yamashita).
    2nd grade, Winter Semester: Anatomy (1) Exercises (Kitamura, Yamashita, Sumida and Seki).
    3rd grade, Summer Semester: Anatomy (1) C (Kitamura, Yamashita, Sumida and invited lecturer).
    3rd grade, Summer Semester: Exercise (Kitamura, Yamashita, Sumida and Seki).
  • 2.Graduate course: Seminar (Thursday)


Research Projects

  1. Gross Anatomy of the Head and Neck
  2. Preventive medicine with far infrared radiation
  3. Development of hair tonic containing chaga extract
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