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Intellectual Platform Formation through Collaboration of the Five National Universities in Shikoku Project

This organization was established as an industry-academia-government project with Tokushima University as our base university with the granting of an FY2012 national university enhancement promotion subsidiary by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Currently, we are implementing the AO entrance examination project with Ehime University as the base university and a university education project with Kagawa University as the base university as a part of this project. Please be sure to check these out.


Admissions Center for Shikoku National Universities

Joint implementation of the AO entrance examinations with the establishment of the Admissions Center for Shikoku National Universities

(Base university: Ehime University)


University Consortium for e-Learning, Shikoku Center

Joint implementation of university education through collaboration between universities with the foundation of e-knowledge in the Sikoku region

(Base university: Kagawa University)



tokushima university


naruto university of education


kagawa university


ehime university


kochi university



Matching System for Academia Technology Collaboration with Industry (MATCI)



 Guide to MATCI 

 MATCI User's Manual

Contact Us

Executive Office of the Shikoku Innovative and Collaborative
Organization for Industry, Academia and Government (SICO)


2-1 Minamijosanjima Town, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture (In the Tokushima University Industry, Academia and Government Collaboration Plaza



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