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Greetings from the Director of the SICO


Director of the SICO

Kazufumi Yoshida

Vice President at Tokushima University 

Executive Director for Regional
Cooperation and Industry, Government,
and Academia Collaboration at Tokushima University



Providing innovation from universities in Shikoku!


Dear visitors,


Shikoku Innovative and Collaborative Organization for Industry, Academia and Government (SICO) is an organization that strives for building a mechanism of promoting innovations to utilize effectively and efficiently the high-quality intellectual property and advanced technology for the industry, academia, and government collaboration which the five national universities (Tokushima University, Naruto University of Education, Kagawa University, Ehime University, and Kochi University) possess. The head office is located at Tokushima University.


We, as SICO, aim to create innovations from Shikoku region through improving our operational efficiency by organizing and consolidating the duplication of tasks relating to the collaborative activities among the five universities, crystalizing the higher grade of our function for the collaboration, such crystallization having not been done by sole university yet, and promoting the further utilization of research results.


Although each of us, that is to say, each prefecture in Shikoku has its own characters, we share many things in common, such as warm spirits to welcome pilgrims called “Omotenashi”, moderate economy scales, and material and primary industries that account for larger portion in our industries. We put energy and effort in the operation of SICO’s collaborative activities gathering the intellectual properties and technologies that the universities possess.


We take on a challenge for bringing innovation from the universities in Shikoku. We confidently announce that we will take our efforts to strengthen our community-based function and level of specialty, and take actions to become an organization of industry, academia, and government collaboration needed by our local communities.


In closing, I would greatly appreciate your taking time to visit our website. I hope that SICO will get your further understanding and corporation.



Kazufumi Yoshida

Director of SICO



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Executive Office of the Shikoku Innovative and Collaborative
Organization for Industry, Academia and Government (SICO)


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